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How it works

3 Easy Steps to get your chores done

Choose Service

Select the type off service you need and use our service estimator to estimate the cost

Set Date and Time

Set the date, time and frequency you would like us to deliver the service

Checkout & Relax

After checking out, sit back and relax for our team of professional cleaners to show up on your booked date

Check out some of our services!


We offer premium quality laundry services accompanied by hand-finished ironing for both residential and convenient pick-up services.

House Cleaning

We pamper your home with a 5-star level of service that you will definitely love. We use detergents that are safe for you and your family.

Carpet Cleaning

No one likes to see thier carpets dirty, so do we. With the latest cleaning technology, we promise our clients a remarkable degree of quality.

Repair and maintenance

We understand that normally, some things appear 'unfixable'. With our team of experts, we will fix those problems so as to have your life going.

Painting Services

We provide fantastic residential painting services at affordable rates, with convenient scheduling and upfront pricing for a stress-free customer experience.

Office Cleaning

Your office is definitely always your second home. Our office cleaning and maintenance packages are of the best quality that will leave you smiling.

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